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Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Sygic is the professional turn-by-turn GPS navigation app

► Sygic boasts an intuitive interface: drag the map, pinch to zoom, change point of view using built-in compass and tap target square to choose action
► Sygic is comfortable and safe: advanced routing is optimized for Real-Time Traffic
► Sygic is packed with valuable content: maps with 3D view of cities and landscape that are updated for free, travel guides, and thousands of POIs in comprehensive categories

Download Instructions:

Mirror :
Install instruction :
How To Put Sygic GPS Navigation v.11.0.1 maps for Android on external sd card.

Here are the steps:
1. Install Sygic GPS Navigation on your Android phone.
2. Start the Sygic Download application and download your favorites maps.
3. After download is completed close the Sygic Download application and connect your phone in USB storage mode to a pc.
4. On the pc side, move all content except database.xml and base-is-ok.txt from Aura folder on the internal phone memory to a folder called Aura on the external_sd card.
So after this process on the internal phone memory should be a folder called Aura with 2 files in it: database.xml and base-is-ok.txt and on the external sd card in the Aura folder should be all the files needed by Sygic.
5. Make a back-up copy of database.xml then open it with Notepad editor. You will see that the file is pretty consistent. While in Notepad press CRTL+H and the find and replace option appears.
In the <Find what> field write:Aura/
In the <Replace with> field write:external_sd/Aura/
Now press <Replace All> then Save the file (CTRL+S).
6. Disconnect storage from PC and start Sygic GPS Navigation. The program should start with no problem.
Make sure not to start Sygic Download application. If you want new maps you have to start the process all over again.
If something goes wrong and your Sygic GPS Navigation application is not working or you just want to go to default program folders you can always delete the Aura folder from internal phone memory and external sd card but be aware you'll lose all the downloaded maps.
Also you can move the content of Aura folder on the external sd card back to Aura folder on the internal phone memory, delete database.xml file, restore the back-up file and everything should be fine.
I will not be held responsible for any damage done to YOUR PHONE. Do this at your own risk.

Maps Download Instructions:
Base Files Base Files Mirror 188.47 MB
World 67.7 MB

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